Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Benefits Of Tantric Massage

Welcome to the erotic world where refinement, relaxation and sensuality are always waiting for you. An oasis of peace and exoticism. A place in which you will have to let go and forget all the daily worries. An elixir of pleasure for all the senses.
Tantra Lounge offers you the opportunity to be invited for an experience of tantric massage. The conduct of a meeting in tantric massage is unique and customized to each of you and based on mutual respect. Tantric massage you receive at Tantra Lounge is an energetic massage, sensual, in the spirit of Art of Tantra.

All parts of the body will be massaged to remind you that your body is a coherent whole, gender will also be sought, and not in an erotic approach but an awareness of your body and to participate in the activation of sexual energies.
Tantric massage is not trying to make you enjoy but can be depending on the sensitivity of each recipient to healing, and deliver pleasure or a form of internal orgasm.
It comes in several ways – Either in a spirit of give and take or receive.

The main purpose of Tantric massage is to awaken kundalini, a great energy of love and evolution. Awakening will be cumulative in all parts of the body.
One of the main goals of tantric massage would be the increased sexual confidence of the client.  For this reason research practitioners think that Tantric massage is the spiritual and physical awakening of being in its totality.
After a 5th Sense tantric massage London session people usually report increasing well-being, greater mental clarity and creativity. These all are the gifts of kundalini.

How To Prepare For London Sensual Massage Session

The lymph flow: The thin flow pumping of lymphatic vessels moves upward from the tissues of the body at a rate five to seven pulses per minute. To synchronize these pulsations, every movement of sensual massage should be repeated five to seven times in the same position. This technique follows the natural flow of lymph.
Preparation for sensual massage: select a quiet room at a temperature that is comfortable. Perform sensual massage in positions that work best for you. The most common is that when you rest on your back in a comfortable, relaxed position. Remove glasses, jewelry and clothes.

Each sensual massage in Angels starts with a few minutes of deep breathing to help you relax and calm focus on the task at hand. This pattern of breathing should be maintained throughout the massage session. Good rest and good sensual massage.
Lie on the floor on a mat, which will be placed on a thin mattress on a folded blanket or chairs. And it is necessary that the body is well isolated from the floor and that it rests on a plane not too hard.
Let your back is resting comfortably in all its parts in contact with the ground. Close your eyes and every exhalation abandons any contraction in the neck, back and lumbar area.

Become aware of yourself without interfering with physical or mental sensations that occur:

How is your breathing ? Superficial, deep or fast?
Have you tingling or throbbing in some areas of the body?
You may be aware of the beating of your heart?

Is that what you feel is a pleasant or unpleasant to do nothing more than observe posted. Just as the clouds in the sky are woven in colors and shapes always new candy now, now pregnant with rain, in the same way come and go in the mind-body sensations, images, thoughts. Sensual massage is a kind of tantric massage.

Using Lymphatic Drainage Techniques As A Part Of Tantric Massage Session

The main purpose of a lymph drainage massage is to improve the flow of lymph and drainage, stimulating the lymphatic vessels. Do not improvised, it must be your therapist to recommend a program suited to your situation for a daily self-massage. In any case:
If you have an infection, or is there any indication that it is developing an infection, you may need to modify your tantric massage until the infection is under control.
The tantric massage is not recommended for those with certain medical conditions, ask your therapist what are they.

Remember that :

Tantric massage is a gentle technique, the resulting massage should never hurt or make the skin red, it is not a conventional muscle massage. For this reason, it is important not to act forcefully deeply affected tissues from our problem.
Tantric massage is performed with small strokes and gentle pressure, the hands move and stretch the skin to stimulate the flow of lymph through the lymphatic capillaries that lie just under the skin. Oils and lotions that make your skin slippery are not normally used during self massage. If your skin is very dry lotion can be applied.
When you massage the fibrotic tissues, only use small strokes and the pressure recommended by the therapist to alleviate the stiffness of these tissues hardened.
Pumping : Within tantric massage the rhythmic movement of the pumping is used to stimulate areas, such as the main nodes of the lymph. This movement is very gently pressing with your fingers, moving the skin in a circle about the size of a coin, and then releasing the pressure.
Stretching: This movement and rotational movement is performed gently, his fingers gently stretch the skin for about an inch (2.5 cm) without slipping and then turn slightly to the right or left. A term of tantric massage is usually done with one touch, is one of the final stimulus lymphatic flow through the skin, this movement is executed as a gesture of his fingers on delicate skin, such as brushing the crumbs of bread.